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VIRTUAL Nosework Group Classes

JUNE 14th to Aug 30th

New , active & past clients welcome!

Through our training, you will learn with your dog, more about your dog, and start to understand the reasons behind your dog’s behavior.

Puppy Development

For puppies under 7 months

In person & virtual sessions available.

Our puppy program includes all the fundamentals of our relationship based training. It is designed to ensure your puppy develops good habits, the ability to learn core behaviors reliably and to perform on cue, every time, with heart and soul.

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For dogs 7 months & up

In person & virtual sessions available.

Our structured development programs lay a solid foundation for long term rehabilitation and is ideal for dogs that require behavioral modification. Our obedience programs gives your dog the skills to reliably navigate our world.

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Day Train

Coming Soon!

Monday to Friday

Drop off & Pick up at our Toronto East Location.

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Check-ins (Existing Clients)

For anyone who has completed a training program with us. These check-ins are in-depth coaching/trouble-shooting conversations to make sure you are supported after completing a training program with us.

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If you love your dog, train your dog.

We can help.

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Sara L

Okami Canine has been hands down the best dog trainer I’ve ever come across. As a first dog owner who had zero experience with dogs in general, I had do to a lot of research myself and a lot of times I had to make my own judgement which always left me feel unsure. A lot of which Okami Canine already cleared up. He is so knowledgeable and really understands the dogs. I wish Okami Canine was around when I had my first puppy who is now a 4 years old. Keep up the great work! :)

Camila Sinisterra

Highly recommend! Okami Canine has been an amazing training service for us and has greatly improved our relationship with our dog and our dogs state of being. Okami Canine is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and they go above and beyond to make sure you and your dog are set up for success. We have attended both in-person training as well as online training with Okami Canine and we are beyond grateful for all of their help and expertise. Our dog, who was previously struggling with reactivity is now much more calm, he is very engaged with us, has learned and is very engaged with obedience drills. He has also been able to overcome his reactivity. We are now able to enjoy going outside with him knowing that his state of being is calm and relaxed. Thank you Okami Canine!

Coco Lam

Gonz is super knowledgeable in coaching us how to properly walk our 8 month old Rottweiler. His method and theory is very unique and doesn’t just copy what other dog trainers do. He was very patient with us and truly cared on our dog behaviour even when our training sessions were done. His 1on 1 classes are truly worth it and highly recommend!

Joyce W.

We have been working online with Okami and we’ve been getting better results than the training we’ve done on site in classes with other trainers. We own a shiba, who is not very treat motivated, so the strategies we were given based around treat training really had limited success in very specific settings. We’ve enjoyed that with Okami, there is a problem solving process related to our dog’s specific needs out of which has come a personalized training strategy. One of the huge values we’ve gained is understanding why our dog does or does not do the things we want. The education in the psychology behind our dog’s behaviour and how to use that knowledge to better train him has made all the difference. I can only imagine what we could be achieving if we had the opportunity to train with Okami in person, but I have no doubt we’ll be provided with the guidance to accomplish this via online as well.

NePoPo® is a landmark training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon.