Balanced, Relationship Based Training

Our relationship based training is great for people who take direction and take learning new training tasks seriously.  They are willing to keep themselves accountable to consistently train with their dog(s).  We teach you to be your dogs guide.

Reactivity & Aggression

Is your dog reactive towards other dogs? Towards people or certain things?  We can teach you to rebuild their trust in you, their confidence in themselves and most importantly, their ability to make the right decision in situations that trigger defensive behaviour.

Leash Skills & Structured Walks

 Getting a better walk relies on so much than what you do on the walk itself. We will teach you how to create and maintain engagement with your dog.

Our Approach

Okami Canine uses a balanced approach to training, focusing on your relationship with your dog and an understanding of canine behaviour and communication.

There is no single method or tool that will be successful with all issues so we will always cater training to your dogs individual needs instead of relying on one-note methods.

We want you to have a happy, balanced dog and a happy, meaningful relationship with them.

Our goal is to educate owners and reinforce clear and healthy communication with your canine family.