Rescued and Re-homed Dogs

Giving a dog the opportunity to thrive in a new home is one of the most loving things we can offer to our canine companions. It takes a generous person who is willing to change their life to improve the life of another.

While we all have ideas of a happy dog having no cares in the world, the reality is that adopting a dog is a responsibility that will take time, patience, dedication and guidance.

Some dogs will adapt to their new home easily and without any issues. Some dogs will definitely need help adjusting to their new home. Often times, dogs will be re-homed into completely foreign environments to them.  A dog rescued from Texas may be overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds and experiences of a big city. A dog saved from the meat trade may see humans as dangerous or at the very least, not to be trusted. A street dog from an island may feel trapped with what we would consider a safe, covered home.

Most dogs from these types of backgrounds will likely need training to help adapt to, and love their new homes. Our dog training caters to the needs these dogs will have and to the concerns and guidance you will need when taking a dog home.

First things first: your dogs back story does not define their future.

What you do today, tomorrow and beyond is what matters. Okami Canine has experience in helping you with the basics like crate training, potty training, leash walking and basic obedience. Setting your dog up to succeed will be our priority.

Beyond the basics, we continue the training to advanced obedience, recall, behaviour rehab for fearful or reactive dogs, and generally work to establish a bond and relationship between you and your dog that will give them the guidance they need and will give you the confidence you need to guide them.

If you’re planning on adopting a dog or already have, book a free consultation with us.

If you love your dog, train your dog.