How We Use the E-collar

We do not use the e-collar in a punitive way. We will show you how to condition and use an e-collar as a motivator. 

We teach NOTHING with an e-collar. We teach your dog the most effective way possible, through motivation, rewards and repetitions. We then layer the e-collar for reliability and enthusiasm. This makes it a great tool for off-leash and real world reliability.

The e-collar is not a quick fix and it is not “a bigger stick”. It is an incredibly empowering tool when used humanely by someone properly educated in the foundations of good dog training. Our e-collar training is subtle, gentle and contextual. Our dogs commonly work on levels 2 or 3 (out of 100). We rarely go over 10.

We have learned how to use e-collars from the trainers Cheri Lucas, Brian Agnew, Tyler Muto and Larry Krohn. They are considered pioneers in using the e-collar as a motivator and not as a correctional tool.

Have you or your previous trainer used e-collars punitively (for corrections) and are concerned it’s affected your dogs personality or trust in you? Is your dogs working level above 20? Have you been told that dogs don’t feel anything below level 5?  We can undo the damage done by those outdated methods so commonly advertised in the GTA by e-collar trainers.

We have dealer accounts with the top remote collar brands. We will help you identify which brand/model is best for you and your dog, and we will be able to offer you the best price available for an e-collar.

Not ready for e-collar training but just want to learn more? Book a free consultation and let’s chat!