Reactivity / Aggression

Is your dog reactive towards other dogs?  Towards people or certain things?  We can teach you to rebuild their trust in you, their confidence in themselves and more importantly, their ability to make the right decision in situations that trigger defensive behaviour.  Remember that most reactivity can be traced back to your dog reacting to a perceived threat (real or imaginary). We show you how to change that perception for them.

Not all dogs learn the same way, and forcing certain training methods can cause problems instead of helping the existing ones.  Our free consultation helps us tailor our training approach around your dog’s specific needs.

We believe training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  Along with producing well trained happy dogs, our goal is to reinforce the bond between owner and dog to create a clear form of communication between the two.

Our relationship-first approach teaches your dog to trust you in navigating the human world.  We use a holistic approach alongside relationship building and obedience methods to ensure the communication your dog is getting is clear and logical to them.


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