Puppy Basics


Teaching a puppy to sit on command is the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and your dog. It shows them to look to you for guidance, to relate that guidance with rewards and to understand how to learn new things.

Sitting on command also becomes invaluable in keeping your puppy safe from potentially dangerous situations. In a good sit, your puppy will also learn that the “stay” is implied.  


Teaching your puppy “place” gives them a safe space to wait at instead of rushing out a door or barking at someone knocking on the door.

It helps them practice a calm, confident state of mind. This also helps your puppy with manners like waiting for food and walks without getting overly excited.


Teaching your puppy to come to you on command will help keep them out of trouble if you lose grip of the leash or they see an open door they want to explore. It also reinforces your leadership so they look to you for safety, rewards and affection.