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Nosework Development Virtual Class

New & Active Clients welcome!

Dates: February 2nd to May 18th, 2023. (16 sessions)

When: Every Thursday, 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

Method: Virtual Class via Google Meet

Prerequisite: None

This 16 week course will teach you about the foundational concepts in nose work. You will learn how to increase motivation in your dog and make them more pro-active, focussed thinkers that enjoy working. Nosework can be a lot of fun for dogs and their humans. It helps teach dogs a focussed attention that can help with anxiety, fear and reactivity. We will spend an entire module on increasing your dogs motivation. Dogs of all ages and motivation levels can participate. This course will cover: • Creating/increasing motivation required for effective nosework • Classical and Operant Conditioning for Scentwork • Marker Training • Factors that effect scent, odor chemistry, and the science of odor • Detection Training Tools and Equipment • Odor imprinting (How to work with all types of dogs and personalities) • Response to odor • Hide Placement Live, virtual classes are held weekly. Each class will consist of a lecture portion and a practical portion where you will interact directly with Okami Canine and receive live, personalized coaching for your dog and their level of progress. There will also be mid week check-ins to ensure everyone is on track for the next class. About your trainer: Gonz is a certified Gold NePoPo® trainer who uses ethology, obedience, motivational pressure and nosework concepts to help pet owners with their dogs behavioral issues including fear and reactivity.

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NePoPo® is a landmark training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon.