Anxiety/ Fear Based Issues

Dealing with dogs that have anxiety and fear over common things can be stressful, emotionally draining and frustrating to us.  We often try to hold them and comfort them. Sometimes that only makes it worse, because we are inadvertently reinforcing that behaviour.

The most common reason dogs experience separation anxiety is because of poor structure on the part of the human.  An important aspect of understanding why dogs suffer from separation anxiety is because of the instinctual fear that is created by the events leading up to the actual separation. Including, but not limited to:

The dog has been babied day and night, and when the human leaves, the dog doesn’t understand what they did wrong to justify being left alone.

The dog has previously been “punished” by being put in a room, crate or yard… and that is the same place they are put into when the human leaves.

When leaving, the human will baby talk and kiss the dog, stroking their head and “explaining” to them “I’ll be back, I promise” expressing what a dog would consider a fearful and/or worried tone.

Okami Canine will show you how to teach your dog that the act of you leaving does not equal abandonment.  That the act of you returning is not a momentous occasion but one that should be considered the normal and expected chain of events.

If your dog is struggling with separation anxiety at home or fear based anxiety outside, get in touch with us and find out hot to add some healthy structure to your dogs life