Our Approach

Okami Canine uses a balanced approach to training, focusing on your relationship with your dog and an understanding of canine communication and behavior. There is no single method or tool that will be successful with all issues so we will always cater training to your dogs individual needs instead of relying on one-note methods.


Not all dogs share the same motivations, and forcing certain training methods can cause problems instead of helping the existing ones.  Not all dogs respond to treats, not all dogs learn quickly. 


We believe training should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your dog.  Along with producing well trained, happy dogs, our goal is to reinforce the bond between owner and dog to create a clear form of communication between the two.


Our relationship-first approach teaches your dog to trust you in navigating the human world.  We use advanced obedience methods and relationship building to ensure the communication your dog is getting is clear and logical to them.

 More specifically, the two main components that make up Okami Canines methods include a foundation in ethology, the objective study of animal behaviour under natural conditions, and advanced obedience techniques commonly employed by the worlds top working and sport dog trainers.  

These two worlds often exist independently but we’ve learned from some of the worlds best dog trainers and behaviourists that the greatest results come from merging the two in a way that becomes logical to your dog.

Okami Canines education includes:

Michael Ellis 3-day workshop at Leerburg Headquarters

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers (Puppy Development, Obedience Intensive, Protection Theory, Behavior Moodification): Micahael Ellis School

Private mentorship under Cheri Lucas: Cheri Wulff Lucas

The missing link Workshop hosted by Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas:  Raw Intuitive Talent

Team Dog Certification: Mike Ritland

Ethology Institute Animal Behaviour and Learning: Ethology Institute

We also regularly continue our education by attending workshops, seminars and by shadowing a variety of trainers from specialties ranging from scent detection to protection work.